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Control your subscription and content business by decreasing claims from your customers and offering quality content to attract more users.

Subscription Control is a platform that is offered in On-site or Cloud mode to control the content business of a telephony operator. It has advanced control mechanisms to guarantee profitability and reduce the number of customer complaints, generating an ecosystem of quality and long-term services.

Subscription Control supports multiple channels and is integrated with digital marketing campaign platforms. It has reports that allow to know in detail the functioning of content providers and optimize the business to maximize profitability.


- Control with adaptive optin
- Integrated pattern control
- System of offers and discounts
- Business control board
- User notification system

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Reduce identity theft fraud and capture more customers by simplifying access to websites and apps, without passwords or registration forms.

Through our Mobile Connect Gateway Cloud, telephony operators and companies have the possibility of integrating this technology into their websites and apps in a simple way and with a minimum investment, thus being able to offer their customers greater security and ease in the authentication to access the different services.

Mobile Connect is based on OAuth2 / Open Id. It is secure, reliable and was designed to simplify access to own or third party services and perform secure online transactions. It provides the user with an easy, fast, intuitive authentication and without registration forms, thus reducing the abandonment of their transactions.

Mobile Connect places the operator at the heart of digital authentication services, benefiting the development of new markets and business models.

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Marketing Vas

Make shipments of SAT Push campaigns, surveys, service additions in Mobile channels and all types of commercial actions. Create service portals in minutes, offer third-party content online and take advantage of many other features.


It allows managing mobile portals and generating advertising campaigns on SAT Push, Mobile and Web technologies with interactive messages. It also allows integrating other own or third party solutions, make promotions and facilitate purchase actions, improving the channel experience with more applications.


It is a solution for the sale of On-line content. The platform serves both operators and content providers. It allows you to publish content of all kinds in Web format html5 offering adaptive portals for sale.


It is a solution designed for content providers that do not have their own platform. Among its services, it offers subscription, trivial and online content models, designed to facilitate rapid exit to the market.

- Support for WAP / WEB / SMS / MOBILE / SAT channels and other technologies.
- Detection of terminals.
- Adaptive portals.
- Management of Black Lists.
- Schedule of shipment with ranges of dates.
- Handling of shipping slots.
- Support for more than 1000 tps / sec
- Possibility of sending simultaneous Campaigns with Priorities.
- Custom messages by user.

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Customer Care

Reduce the congestion of the Customer Service Center by allowing the user to self-manage, through the mobile, with powerful analysis tools to identify faults in the value chain.

This solution reduces the number of incoming calls, offering Chat services by SMS, WEB and other means, access to balances, general information query, surveys and many more applications. It allows your clients to self-manage their services, through different terminals such as tablet, cell phone or web, quickly and easily.

Companies can manage their own information portals by loading documents and generating dynamic pages without the need for programming. The platform simplifies the management of your client allowing you to search or receive the OnDemand information of different services.

With our CDAG + Customer Care tool, companies will be able to measure the satisfaction of their clients, through mechanisms of claim statistics, allowing them to know the possible risks in time and classify users to avoid migrating to other companies.

- Decision trees
- Support for managing documents, manuals, product information and packages.
- Support for high traffic volumes
- Modular and expandable system that allows new applications to be incorporated without the need for service interruption
- Integrable with different market solutions

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IT Solutions

Make the most of computer resources to improve your activity, maximize your profit and achieve the opening of new lines of business.

We offer a wide portfolio of IT solutions designed to empower companies, through the search for greater efficiency in their computing, physical and human resources.

From our development laboratory we create fully customized services that adapt to the objectives of each company and that will allow you not only to add value to the products and / or services offered, but also to reduce investment costs with visible benefits in the short term.

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Solutions with SMS

Manage multiple SMS connections with our Set of solutions for telephony operators and content providers.

SMPP Gateway is a product designed for the efficiency and management of SMS connections between operators and companies. The product allows managing multiple SMS connections to simplify administration with SMSCs, decrease the cost of licenses and improve the outgoing flow of messages.

The platform supports sending retry and message analysis functions to detect spam and control the flow of services.

• More than 2000 SMS / sec
• Support for text analysis
• Configurable routing with numbering adaptation
• Encoding converter
• Other functionalities





Disminuya la congestión del Centro de Atención al Cliente permitiendo que el usuario se autogestione, a través del móvil, con potentes herramientas de análisis para identificar fallas en la cadena de valor.

Esta solución reduce la cantidad de llamadas entrantes, ofreciendo servicios de Chat por SMS, WEB y otros medios, acceso a saldos, consulta de información general, encuestas y muchas más aplicaciones. Permite que sus clientes autogestionen sus servicios, a través diferentes terminales como tablet, celular o web, de manera rápida y sencilla.

Las empresas pueden gestionar sus propios portales de información cargando documentos y generando páginas dinámicas sin necesidad de programación. La plataforma simplifica la gestión de su cliente permitiéndole buscar o recibir la información OnDemand de diferentes servicios.

Con nuestra herramienta CDAG + Customer Care las empresas podrán medir la satisfacción de sus clientes, a través de mecanismos de estadísticas de reclamos, permitiendo conocer a tiempo los posibles riesgos y clasificar a los usuarios para evitar que migren a otras empresas.


- Arboles de decisión
- Soporte para gestión de documentos, manuales, información de productos y paquetes.
- Soporte para altos volúmenes de tráfico
- Sistema modular y expandible que permite incorporar nuevas aplicaciones sin necesidad de corte de servicio
- Integrable con diferentes soluciones del mercado

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